Are you looking for full body PPE or workwear and struggling to tell the difference between boiler suits, overalls and coveralls?… Well then this is the article for you!

The Difference Between Boiler Suits, Overalls and Coveralls

Mainly fuelled by American and American English terms, we have all these names essentially describing the same piece of uniform. Boiler suits and coveralls are one-piece, comfortable and great for very dirty environments as they prevent debris from getting in and reduce catching/snagging. There are no joins between tops and bottoms but flexible elasticated waistbands for the optimum fit. They are designed to be worn over and protect ordinary clothing. In some cases, overalls are the American version of boiler suits. However, bib-and-brace overalls refer to the style of what we may call ‘dungarees’

Choosing the Best Workwear and Protective Clothing

Choosing the right workwear for you depends on the intended purpose and the colour and budget you need. Boiler suits were used often used to maintain coal-fired boilers and are still much used in the military. They are prevalent in all sorts of industries, with workers like mechanics, factory workers and engineers wearing them consistently.

Depending on the degree of protection required, boiler suits can be made from a variety of materials. This can include materials such as cotton, denim, nylon and even paper. In addition to the flame retardant material of certain boiler suits, waterproof, thermal, hooded, hi vis and disposable boiler suits are available in a range of colours. These include bottle green, black, green, navy, olive, orange, red, royal, spruce, white, yellow and rail spec hi vis orange.

GMTS Workwear PPE

Here at GMTS we have a range of protective workwear to suit your role and working environment. We have an excellent range of boiler suits and coveralls that are manufactured to be multi-purpose and high quality.We stock the Click Workwear range, Click Premium, Super Click, Click Once, Click Regular and Click Fire Retardant. We also stock Sioen, Tyvek, Nordic and Flexothane plus B-Brand B Dri Weatherproof and B Seen range. These brands offer an extensive selection of industrial workwear in materials and styles to meet industry requirements. All of these brands are hard wearing and tear resistant; with modern and stylish products to choose from with zip or stud fronts.

Our most popular are polycotton but we also sell 100% cotton for those like mechanics and meat workers who need to boil wash their workwear without it shrinking or changing. Put GMTS Workwear to the test and buy a durable, protective boiler suits here now.