Improve Employee Wellbeing Before Christmas

During the festive period, plenty of us would rather be anywhere else but work! There’s a limited time to get all the Christmas shopping done and pressure to make enough cash to cover all the festive spending. Many companies like to treat hard working employees in December, but are they effectively boosting morale and employee wellbeing?

We’ve been looking at the recent Ambius’ survey which reported on the impact of seasonal décor in the workplace…

Did you know that nearly 90% of office managers and employees agree that employee wellbeing is boosted by the addition of Christmas decorations in the workplace?

Christmas decorations can be an inexpensive way to spruce up a bland office but 1 in 6 office managers install no decorations at all. 70% of office managers and business owners surveyed said that customers expect Christmas decoration displays and therefore, public businesses should invest for the enjoyment of both employees and customers.

workplace christmas decorations

However, there is no denying that this time of year can be stressful, and it is the task of employers to show appreciation to staff and keep productivity high.

Other Ways to Improve Employee Wellbeing Before Christmas

There is also the excitement of a work Christmas party, a great excuse to socialise outside work time and have a drink or two! Teams who socialise and have fun together, are much more likely to communicate and work as a team much more effectively. Some workers also enjoy doing secret Santa and putting on other events such as wear your Christmas jumper to work day!

Some companies find it useful to give employees the return to work policies before Christmas so that everyone knows what will happen and how to keep the business running smoothly with limited stress post boxing day.

Why not try some festive music as well? Two thirds of employees reported that this would positively affect their experience in the office running up to the holiday.

What does your workplace have planned this December to Improve Employee Wellbeing?