Flame Retardant Workwear

workwear for welders, oil, gas and industrial workers who deal with heat

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GMTS Workwear provide an extensive range of flame retardant workwear and clothing. Our products provide complete protection from flames, heat and sparks. Our range includes the brands Click Protex and Click Fire Retardant. Click is a well-respected workwear choice for industrial workers who deal with heat, flame and metal workings where hot sparks are a threat.

Protex Portal is a high performance flame retardant acrylic fibre which is cotton like in appearance and feel. Consequently Protex remains flame retardant for its lifespan regardless of washing it and keeping it clean. These garments do not need further treatments or re-treatments, therefore they are preferred by most industries. Usually the most popular items in this range are flame retardant coveralls, also known as boilersuits because of the full body protection afforded. Flame retardant boilersuits have other special features like studded cuffs and neck, to prevent ingress of sparks and covered zips to prevent the metal in the zip getting hot.


The highest level of protection at great value

Using flame retardant workwear consequently means you’re protected to the highest level. To achieve fire retardant EN standards and materials, we have since stocked a range of garments designed to reach these regulations. GMTS Workwear ranges include everything you’ll need to be fully compliant with current regulations and practices.

All of our flame retardant work wear is great value but we offer discounts if you order in bulk for your business. If you require even larger quantities for contracts then please register for a trade account with us, so you can save money.

GMTS Workwear has a reputation of building long-term partnerships with clients. The passion of our company means it’s best for value and service which reflects what we stand for. We sell our flame retardant workwear and protective clothing into most industries including engineering, and industrial work.