Superior Dexterity Nitrile Palm Black Widow Gloves


  • Seamless Kevlar Knit
  • Lightweight And Tough
  • Spiders Grip Nitrile Palms
  • Excellent Wet And Dry Grip
  • Tear And Abrasion Resistance
  • Comfortable And Durable
  • Machine Washable
  • Size 07 Small To Size 11 XX Large
  • Individually Packed
  • Conforms To EN388 4141
  • Code SUS13PNT


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Superior Dexterity Nitrile Palm Black Widow Gloves line of gloves, the Black Widow Grip. In the insect world, spiders are champions when it comes to climbing ability, and their grip is the sum of many tiny parts, a phenomenon known as the Van der Waal force. Our design utilizes the latest developments in micropore technology by infusing the nitrile coating with millions of tiny pores. In simple terms, these pores displace oils and liquids when pressed against smooth surfaces, and create a kind of suction that further increases grip. Best of all, the pores do not allow oil to saturate the nitrile coating as with a foam nitrile glove, keeping hands dry. Great comfort, dexterity and grip, and perfect choice for work around machines, handling oily metal parts and more.

The Superior Dexterity Nitrile Palm Black Widow Gloves, with micro pore nitrile palms are an addition to the range of resistance gloves, with seamless cut resistant Kevlar glove body offering stellar abrasion and tear protection. Superior Dexterity Nitrile Palm Black Widow Gloves, have a ASTM ANSI Cut Level 2 and Level 3 Puncture Resistance. Superior Dexterity Nitrile Palm Black Widow Gloves, with Black colour palms to hide dirt and stains are machine washable, with snug elasticated knit wrists to provide stay in place comfort and increased wrist protection. Superior Dexterity Nitrile Palm Black Widow Gloves, are high quality with excellent all round protection offering good tear and abrasion resistance with excellent grip to EN388 performance level. Superior Dexterity Nitrile Palm Black Widow Gloves, are designed specifically to protect against potential risks in the workplace and for those jobs where added protection is essential, Superior Dexterity Nitrile Palm Black Widow Gloves, are robust yet supple, competitively priced yet maintaining consistent quality throughout. Superior Dexterity Nitrile Palm Black Widow Gloves with great styling provide comfortable, dependable hand protection and feature finger tip protection to provide maximum abrasion and tear resistance while not impeding hand functioning and increasing wear and protection.

Superior Dexterity Nitrile Palm Black Widow Gloves, utilizes the latest technology for a non slip wet, dry and oily grip by displacing oil on smooth surfaces, yet won’t allow oil to saturate so hands stay dry. Superior Dexterity Nitrile Palm Black Widow Gloves, is where value meets performance: you’d expect to pay a lot more for a Superior Dexterity Nitrile Palm Black Widow Gloves, with this much to offer.

Check out our line up of palm coated Kevlar gloves. Polyurethane offers great dexterity and good grip. In addition to its dexterity, foam nitrile is known for good grip in wet and oily applications. Latex is known for its superior puncture resistance and durability. PVC is a good all around choice for palm coated styles, performing particularly well in adhesive applications. While considering the additional impact of puncture hazard in working conditions. Styles are ergonomically designed to combine the best in cut and puncture protection, without impeding hand mobility and finger dexterity. Superior Dexterity Nitrile Palm Black Widow Gloves, are highly rated and extremely sought after, with variations in fit options, this line of Superior Dexterity Nitrile Palm Black Widow Gloves, has a lot to offer protection where you need it, flexibility where you need it. Here you’ll find multiple options for not only wet applications, but also general construction, material handling of sharp oily metal parts in manufacturing.

Cut hazards exist with coated glass, but it is actually good grip that is higher on the list for this aspect of production. Superior Dexterity Nitrile Palm Black Widow Gloves, give workers needed palm coated styles that won’t leave marks. The nitrile we use for our gloves is non-marring while providing excellent grip. We also offer a latex style for amazing grip in wet and dry conditions, plus offers high protection and great puncture resistance. Superior Dexterity Nitrile Palm Black Widow Gloves, are a real asset to the worker exposed to hazards, giving the wearer confidence when handling, or working any area with high risk of hazards.

Conforms to EN388 4141.
The 4 digit Numbers above are scores for –
Mechanical hazard tests (EN388) / Performance Level 5 is the Highest Raking.
(a) Abrasion Resistance = 4
(b) Blade Cut Resistance = 1
(c) Tear Resistance = 4
(d) Puncture Resistance = 1

Superior Glove Code S13PNT
Beeswift Glove Item Number SUS13PNT
Individually Packed
Size 07 Small To Size 11 XX Large

Gloves for this aspect of the handling industry have a whole different set of criteria.
Protection against abrasion, puncture, tear and cut come into play. Good grip in Wet or Dry plus dexterity is invariably required plus comfort and warmth, given that dexterity and grip handling are number one on the list.
We offer a range of protection for all categories within this industry, from manufacturing, Assembly work, Light Metal stamping, Automotive, General Maintenance and Construction work.

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Number 7 8 9 10 11

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