Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment for all working environments

Find your favourite PPEĀ brands at GMTS

Our PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and safety equipment is for both consumer and trade customers. We supply various popular brands from within the industry including Click workwear, B-Seen High Visibility, Marigold and many more.

We understand the importance of having the correct personal protective equipment to accompany your protective work clothing. We offer an extensive range of industrial strength high quality PPE for use in many environments. GMTS Workwear can provide you with our range of safety harnesses which will protect you from falls, safety helmets, eye protection products and protective gloves and gauntlets will keep your hands safe.

GMTS Workwear can supply to individual customers and we can also supply personal protective equipment to various industries like construction, catering, rail workwear, farming, food industries and corporate businesses.

Put your business logo on your personal protective equipment

You have the chance to make it personal with us at GMTS. If you like our products but need your logo on a garment, we have the equipment to provide this for you; we can offer a heat sealed printed logo or embroidered logos. All of our safety products and PPE adhere to EU standards of health and safety legislation.

At GMTS Workwear we constantly update changes to the health and safety regulations and are always extending our range to ensure our customers can work with the knowledge they are protected and without concern. All our products have EC Declaration of Conformity as we strive to provide exceptional customer service and satisfaction at very competitive prices.