Comfort Disposable Face Dust Masks 50 Per Pack

SKU: 141 - BBDM

Comfort Disposable Face Dust Masks 50 Per Pack

£3.50 excl. VAT

  • Flexible Nosepiece
  • Comfort Mask
  • 50 Masks Per Pack
  • Compact Design
  • Disposable
  • B Brand Code BBDM

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Product Description


Buy online from leading Respiratory Protection work wear Suppliers GMTS workwear Ltd, Amesbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK.

Disposable comfort face dust masks are white masks that are suitable for face respiratory protection in workshops and areas where there is air pollution or where air quality is low. i.e. pollen, sweeping, gardening, farm work, cleaning and protection against other non-toxic airbourne dusts, they also provides lightweight and hygienic protection of an application process or product from the wearer ideal for use in applications such as hygienic food preparation, where no respiratory protection is required, acts as a barrier between the food and the wearer, protecting the product from the wearer’s exhaled breath. Can be used in the same area of application as a surgical mask for industrial and non medical processes.
This nuisance dust mask features a compact design easily worn with glasses and goggles. The material is fiberglass free, odourless, with low breathing resistance and non-irritating to the skin. The soft, flexible nosepiece permits individual facial adjustment. Nuisance masks are not CE marked.Price is for a pack of 50 disposable comfort face dust masks.

B-Brand Code BBDM. Fifty Masks per pack. Carton Size 1000 Masks = 20 Boxes.

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