Tyvek Hooded Type 5 6 Disposable CHF5 Protech Dupont Boilersuit


Tyvek Hooded Type 5 6 Disposable CHF5 Protech Dupont Boilersuit

£120.00 excl. VAT

  • Model CHF5
  • Tyvek Dupont Hooded
  • Breathable Low Linting
  • Elasticated Cuffs
  • Elasticated Ankles
  • Elasticated Waist
  • Elasticated Hood
  • Individually Packed
  • Conforms to EN1149-1
  • CE Cat 111 Type 5 and 6
  • Sizes Small To 3X Large
  • 25 Coveralls Per Pack 
  • Code TBSH

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Product Description

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Buy online from leading Safety PPE Suppliers GMTS workwear  Ltd, Amesbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK.

Tyvek protech dupont model CHF5 disposable hooded coveralls are the industry leaders for disposable, dry particle and aerosol protection. Proprietary fabric technology is only available from DuPont.
This premium classic disposable hooded boilersuit is a tear resistant with non-woven material which is tough, optimum breathability and offers a superb particle fibre barrier and protects from liquid splashes complete with Elasticated Hood, Waist, Cuffs and Ankles.
Suitable for asbestos abatement, paint spraying, chemical handling, scene of crime (blood), dry particulate and water based chemicals, also suitable for general maintenance work. These sturdy white coveralls are fully zipped for easy use. Tyvek protech dupont overall is chemically and biologically inert, low linting, and antistatic the over-taped seams are ideal for toxic dry particulate environment or where liquid penetration through seams should be avoided.
Many users choose Tyvek overalls because is has proven lengthy reliable protection, it also acts as a barrier against many inorganic chemicals in low concentration and particles larger then 1.0 micron.
Tyvek classic xpert, redefining protection in every detail with more liquid protection, particle protection down to 1.0 miron. Protection in use: Tough, robust and abrasion resistant. Silicon non added to Antistatic treatment. Exceptionally low linting, Breathable air and water vapour permeable for comfort. New exceptional fit for greater ease of movement and protection. Quality control to exceptionally high standards. Tyvek Science that protects.

Tyvek White Disposable Hooded Boilersuits are used by a wide range of industries from the Emergency Services, Scene of Crime Investigation to Asbestos Removal, Paint Spraying Companies, the Food Preperation Industry also for General Maintenance Work. Coveralls are sometimes referred to as overalls or boiler suits, all products are the same.

Sizes available Small, to 3X Large. Code TBSH. Individually packaged in packs of 25.

Conforms to Electostatic protection according to EN 1073-2-2002. EN14126:2003. EN 1149-5-2008.
CE Cat III – Type 5 and 6. EN ISO 13982-1;2004/A1:2010. EN13034-2005+A1:2009

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